Concessions for Classics (C4C) Now Available! 

Loads of work by representative motoring organisations like WASMA and the ASRF has gone into the C4C registration scheme put out by the WA State Government.

Now, West Coast Vanners Members can take advantage of the huge savings offered by the scheme.

  • WA Street Machine Association App - The WASMA app has been developed to assist the Street Machine community. It is the  perfect way to log your C4C use, and it's easy to use! Review The WASMA App User Guide Now!
  • Greatly Reduced Registration - If you have one Street Machine or several, the price of yearly registration really hits the hip pocket. Now, with the introduction of Concessions for Classics (C4C), your registration bill is dramatically reduced. Adhere to the C4C Code of Conduct and have more money in your pocket!

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