Legends! Hown many people have said that when coming across a beautiful van at a car show?

These Vans and their owners are the reason we love vanning so much. Everyone wanted to be like John Strachan (Alley Cat), Steve Abbot (Van Rat) or Greg Mercer (Invader 2001), to name a few.

Few acheived their goal, but that didnt matter. Whatever the result, Vanning was in your blood.

Here are some of the iconic Vans and their owners/builders...

Alley Cat

Owner/Builder: John Strachan.

Holden HJ, Jaguar V12, Jaguar IRS, Murals, Modified Body

Invader 2001

Owner/Builder: Greg Mercer.

Holden HJ, 308, Jaguar IRS, Extensive body mods & Murals


When Innervisions rolled inot a show, everyone was in awe!

Custom front, jag rear, supercharged Chev.

A Newcastle van show stopper!

Street Legal

Another Newcastle Van!

Sleek black lines, body mods, custom interior.

Later in life, graphics were added...


Morgan Road,
Sevile Gorove,
Western Australia 6112


Max Pinjarra
Quest Accounting

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